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MTV renews Finding Carter for a second season

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MTV has announced that it’s renewing parental abduction drama Finding Carter for a second season, citing the show’s strong numbers among teens and people who wish Wesley from Angel was secretly their dad. The show is also the most popular streaming entry on MTV.com, where it provides relatable, teen-focused drama, as well as escapist fantasy for anyone who dreams of being whisked away to live with their real family who’s rich and perfect, instead of these assholes they have to live with now.


“The creative minds behind ‘Finding Carter’ did an exceptional job bringing this story to life and drawing our audience in,” said Susanne Daniels, MTV’s president of programming, before presumably adding, “Way more than my stupid mom ever did. I wish Cynthia Watros was my mom. We could talk about Lost and boys. She’d get me.”

This was followed by muffled yelling from downstairs, which Daniels responded to by rolling her eyes and yelling that she’d be “down in a minute, Jesus Christ, okay?” before reminding reporters that Finding Carter airs on Tuesday night at 10/9 p.m. CT

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