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MTV picks up two teen comedies, Happyland and Faking It

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MTV (ask your grandparents what the 'M' stands for!) has ordered eight episodes each of the two pilots it ordered earlier this year, Happyland, and Faking It, the first from a writer of the network's 10 Things I Hate About You, and the second from a producer of that same show.

Happyland is a theme-park-set romantic comedy which is not in any way based on Adventureland, but is basically the exact same thing as Adventureland. Awkward's Shane Harper plays the Ryan Reynolds role, a handsome, older park employee who pursues the not-at-all-confusingly-named Harper (Katherine McNamara)—essentially the Kristen Stewart of the story—with Raising Hope's Cameron Moulene as the third side of the love triangle originally played by Jesse Eisenberg. No word yet as to who plays the dude who keeps punching everyone in the junk, but this being the network that aired Jackass, that could be every single character's defining trait, and the show would fit right in.

Less is known about Faking It, which is described only as a show about two high school friends, "who will do almost anything to fit in and be popular—including pretending to be something they are not." What that something is (Vampires? Rodeo clowns? Someone who doesn't share a network with J-Woww?) remains to be seen.


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