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MTV made its Liquid Television archive available online

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No one seems certain of how long this has been around (and for what it’s worth, the site’s blog has entries dating back to June), but MTV has either just posted a huge portion of its Liquid Television archive online, or someone finally stopped zoning out on old episodes of The Maxx to let the rest of the Internet know. Either way, revisiting the groundbreaking, often-bizarre animation showcase that birthed Beavis And Butt-head, adapted the work of artists like Art Spiegelman and Peter Bagge, and gave a generation of film festival entrants something to shoot for is now easier than ever, with collections of everything from Æon Flux to Crazy Daisy Ed to Charles Burns’ Dog Boy just a click away. For those who used to watch the show in its early-’90s run, who knows what repressed memories it will trigger? For instance, I sort of totally forgot about Psycho-gram—to say nothing of Winter Steele, my rediscovery of which means I’m probably going to have those weird dreams again. [via /Film]


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