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Finding Carter

Variety is reporting that MTV’s Finding Carter, the story of a young woman coming to terms with learning that the woman who raised her was actually her kidnapper, has been canceled. Shaking off the binds of Stockholm Syndrome that can develop between any TV channel and a show that keeps at least part of its audience captive, the network announced that the series’ recently concluded second season will be its last.

Look, we’ll be honest: we stopped covering Finding Carter halfway through its last season, so we’re not entirely sure what happened in the show’s last 12 episodes.(Although, in our imaginations, it involves a lot of people yelling, “But she’s my daughter, damn it!” while Alexis Denisof smarmily smirks). Looking at the show’s Wikipedia page, though, it looks like it ended with a disappointing mix of murders, hidden parents, and drama, and not—as we’d always, secretly hoped—with series star Kathryn Prescott walking away from all the nonsense, smiling to herself, and declaring “It’s finally time for me to be Finding Carter.” Alas, our fan-fic will have to suffice.


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