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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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MTV is just spawning awards shows like crazy this year—first adding The Comedy Awards to its long-established Video Music and Movie Awards shows, and today announcing that it plans to launch the newly christened O Music Awards on April 28.  What does the “O” stand for? It’s “undefined and open to interpretation from viewers”—a fittingly amorphous title to describe a ceremony honoring the amorphous world of “digital music” and the “migration of music to the digital space.” So… The year’s best bit-torrent? Not quite, although everything so far is just as nebulous and full of frustrating Web 2.0-speak, with categories encompassing everything from “Best App” to “Best Kanye West Tweet,” and winners being chosen through “social media buzz” and then awarded via an “untraditional, heavily interactive show, spread out across multiple screens, including the Internet, social media, and mobile.” The future is now, and it is annoying. Although, it’s possible the “O” stands for “octopus,” and this entire concept is driven by a giant octopus randomly mashing a keyboard, in which case we will definitely watch.


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