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MTV is plotting another live-action reboot of Æon Flux

Charlize Theron, promoting the 2005 live-action Aeon Flux movie.
Photo: Tatsuyuki TAYAMA (Getty Images)

Following doggedly in the footsteps of the 99th most successful movie of 2005, MTV has solidified plans to create a live-action reboot of its celebrated Liquid Television series Æon Flux. As reported by Deadline, the network has just announced that Jeff Davis—whose Teen Wolf was one of its most successful shows of the last several years—is planning a real-world revival of the beloved animated shorts.

Created by Peter Chung, the original Æon Flux cartoons were stylishly grim displays of weirdo animation, depicting an espionage-heavy battle between superspy Æon and her nemesis/lover/etc. Trevor Goodchild. Appearing in the form of both shorts and, later, half-hour episodes of TV, they were weird and aggressive in ways that the Charlize Theron film version, directed by Karyn Kusama, never had much hope of matching.


But who’s to say that a second-time effort might not get closer to capturing the elements that made the original Æon Flux so trippily great? Teen Wolf got pretty odd after a while, after all, even if it never got to “Underwater base gets sucked down the drain” sorts of strange.

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