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MTV holding open search for "Twitter jockey"

As Twitter slowly replaces considered thought, warranted public attention, and shutting the fuck up in the human consciousness, it stands to reason that it should also replace outmoded entertainment entities like the “VJ,” the once-proud creature who roamed the land, introducing brief films set to popular music. Today MTV has issued an open search for its evolutionary better: a “Twitter Jockey” (or “TJ”) whose job it is to act as a “liaison between viewers and network honchos” while interacting with followers on its in-house Twitter feed. So far MTV has identified 18 candidates and is currently asking Viewers Like You to help it find two more, after which they’ll all compete in a “series of online challenges designed to reveal their personalities and demonstrate how they connect with Twitter followers,” followed by a final round during a live show to air August 8.

If you’re interested in being a TJ (and earning a $100,000 salary for finding new ways to say stuff like, “Peep Katy Perry’s kerrazy new ‘California Gurls’ video. It’s what’s poppin’!” day in and day out, which doesn't sound so bad), you can nominate yourself or a friend here. According to MTV, not only will you “represent the audience by taking their thoughts and questions” and addressing them with all the plugs for upcoming episodes of The Hard Times Of RJ Berger they deserve, you would also be helping to gain “insight” that will “influence programming and network decisions,” which probably isn't an overstatement, sadly.  


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