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MTV falls back into bed with Undressed

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MTV has locked eyes with another piece of IP from its not-too-distant past, and will soon be pulling it into the dorm room where it’s been feverishly making out with those reboots of Daria, Æon Flux, and The Real World. As reported by multiple outlets, a new version of the cable channel’s old sex-and-dating soap Undressed is coming—though in true Undressed fashion, there’ll surely be a jump cut to a different storyline before any of that coming is shown onscreen.

With the requisite “uh huh, huh huh”s out of the way (when will the previously resuscitated Beavis And Butt-Head get swept up in this revival fever?): Undressed’s three-year, 200-episodes-plus run was genuinely revolutionary, a depiction of teen-and-early-20-something horniness that was always frank and never judgmental, even as it abided by a certain late-night, basic-cable, skivvies-and-pajamas chasteness. Overseen by Oscar nominee Roland Joffé, it was a low-budget, low-stakes forum for busting taboos and answering curiosity, and picked up a GLAAD Award for its depiction of gay, lesbian, and bisexual characters (relative rarity on TV at the time). Joffé will also be on hand for the update, though it’s safe to assume that fellow Undressed alumni Christina Hendricks, Damon Lindelof, and Max Greenfield have moved on.

For more on Undressed, read Ryan McGee’s 100 Episodes column about the show from 2014. Just don’t forget where you put that handcuff key.

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