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MTV bringing back House Of Style, sort of

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MTV's House Of Style—the '90s investigative series that blew the doors off how fashion designers are narcissistic and controlling, and fearlessly exposed models as pretty—will be making a comeback on the Internet, home of the beautiful people. The network announced today that an updated version of the show will debut Oct. 9 on the MTV Style website—which is already loaded with the entire HOS archive, in case you want to watch Cindy Crawford talk to a Fresh Prince-era Will Smith about his ugly-ass silk shirts (you do)—and some crossover content is also being planned for TV. As before, House Of Style will focus on finding the nexus between the fashion and pop culture, featuring interviews with industry "leaders and tastemakers" and, we're guessing, a weekly segment on "Whatever The Fuck Lady Gaga Is Wearing," which is a name that MTV can have if it wants. The new host will be revealed at September's Video Music Awards, after which the network will ceremonially release Daisy Fuentes back into the wild.


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