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MTV awkwardly renews and cancels Awkward.

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In a move that we literally can’t even, MTV has announced that comedy series Awkward. will return for a fifth and final season. Like, seriously. This comes from Entertainment Weekly, which points out that Awkward. has been on a bit of a slide—both creatively and ratings-wise—ever since Lauren Iungerich, the show’s creator, left during its third season.


Awkward. is/was about a teenage girl named Jenna Hamilton who, in the first season, is in an accident that her classmates mistakenly assume is a suicide attempt. Since then, it has grown into a realistic and honest look at the modern teenage experience—or it did, until that aforementioned slide. EW believes the final season will be split into two chunks, which we would take as a solid setup for a Breaking Bad or Mad Men joke, but apparently Awkward. has been doing that for a few years now. MTV will, presumably, fill the show’s timeslot with more and more of those music videos it constantly airs, which is a clever and funny reference to the fact that MTV doesn’t really show music videos anymore.

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