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MTV and Stan Lee creating new comic-book franchise

We’re approaching a sort of “peak oil” situation with our reserves of comic-book superheroes, so what of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren? Once every comic-book character ever committed to the page has made the jump to the big screen, where will our descendants turn to create the movies of tomorrow? Always with an eye out for the kids, MTV has teamed up with Marvel’s Stan Lee to create a whole new generation of superheroes called The Seekers, which will premiere on the MTV Geek site before making its inevitable transition to TV series or films, thereby sustaining the movie industry for at least the next 50 years. In 2011, the network will hold an open contest for someone to write and illustrate The Seekers—which Lee describes as having “a very high-concept plot. It's a story such as you never have seen before, and it spans the centuries.” Would-be artists should keep an eye on this page and start honing your boob-drawing skills.


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