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MST3K's Jonah Ray is releasing an EP of "Weird Al" Yankovic covers

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Jonah Ray has always been outspoken about his love for “Weird Al” Yankovic, the reigning maestro of parody pop songs. But anyone can be a fan; what demonstrates true passion is taking those parody songs, recording brand new music, and then singing the satirist’s lyrics over completely different melodies and songs. At least, that seems like passion—it would be strange to spend time doing that for an artist you disliked. (Unless you were trying to salvage good lyrics from bad music? Whatever, it’d still be an odd choice.)


Label Asian Man Records announced the upcoming release of a five-song EP by the Mystery Science Theater 3000 star, in which Ray takes some of Yankovic’s best tracks—“Dare To Be Stupid,” “Amish Paradise,” and more—and puts the lyrics to original music written and recorded by Ray himself, with production from Fidlar’s Zac Carper (and some guitar help from Blood Brothers’ Cody Votolato). It’s the kind of thing that’s both appropriately weird and lovingly earnest in its tribute to “Weird Al,” and the exuberant pop punk (but not too noisy) style of the music gives off real Atom And His Package vibes (which the label outright references in describing the EP, along with Jeff Rosenstock, Weezer, and “warmed hearts.”) The record comes out August 9, and is perfectly titled You Can’t Call Me Al. In the meantime, you can check out the video for Ray’s take on “Amish Paradise” below.

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