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We can all generally agree that 2016 can choke on a turkey leg, but at least it was a pretty good year for Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans. The big reunion in Minneapolis was a triumph of ’90s nostalgia and goofy wordplay, the revived series has found a new home on Netflix, and for the fourth year running Shout! Factory is hosting a MST3K Turkey Day marathon so we can gather together around the warm glow of our TVs and give thanks for wisecracking robots and bad movies.


On that note, this morning Shout! Factory released some details on when and how you can tune in to this year’s marathon: This year, Turkey Day will be live-streamed through the portal at ShoutFactoryTV.com, and will begin on Thursday, November 24 at 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT. Series creator Joel Hodgson will once again host the marathon, and this year he’ll be joined by special co-host Jonah Ray, host of the revived MST3K, for brand-new episode intros. (Ray and Hodgson made for a winning combo at the MST3K reunion, so this should be good.)

As usual, Shout! Factory is being coy about which six titles will be included in the marathon, saying only that they’ll be “the six most popular classic episodes as chosen from the recent fan survey of the 100 Most Popular Classic MST3K Episodes.” Last year, Turkey Day featured Outlaw, Eegah, Gorgo, Teenagers From Outer Space, Danger! Death Ray, and Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, so you can probably count those out.

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