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Much as Mrs. Doubtfire was about a man who decides that the best way to process divorce is to just pretend to be an old woman for a while, many people decided the best way to process the news of a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel was to spend the day harassing one of its erstwhile child stars, Mara Wilson, on Twitter. Wilson—now 26, a writer for websites like Cracked as well as on her personal blog, and presumably long since cured of her lisp—left professional acting behind after years of being adorable in movies like Matilda and Miracle On 34th Street.  However, she is still foolhardy enough to be on Twitter, and therefore everyone should immediately go ask her about the things she did when she was 8, as many times per day as possible. It’s what she deserves.

Granted, Wilson long ago answered most of those questions with the FAQ on her site. But the scuttlebutt of a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel naturally lit up Wilson’s Twitter notifications, to the point where she felt compelled to answer them all over again. And so, in a series of tweets, she explained why she’s unlikely to reprise her role as “Natalie” in any sequel—reasons that range from believing it would be “weird,” seeing as she’s “not a cute little kid anymore,” to her general aversion to sequels, to the fact that the film we are somehow discussing with apparent sincerity in the year 2014 is Mrs. Doubtfire 2, and that is plainly ridiculous.


Wilson later wrote a note on her Facebook page, saying that, while she loved her Mrs. Doubtfire experience 20 years ago, she doesn’t “really think a sequel is necessary.” It is rare that a Facebook post so perfectly captures the thoughts and feelings of all reasonable people, but there it is.


In related news, Wilson’s on-screen brother, Joey Lawrence’s Brother, is absolutely on board.

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