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MRA Dilbert says what Scott Adams is actually thinking

A while ago, Scott Adams ignited a bit of a firestorm by making outrageous claims about the roles of men and women in the workplace. The creator of Dilbert comic strip, the Dilbert cartoon, and probably those Dilbert calendars, too, Adams went off on an ill-advised rant about how feminism is working for women and how men are supposedly ruled by women calling the shots when it comes to sex. Adams later said that he was intentionally trying to get people’s goat while also showing hypocrisies in society’s treatment of men and women.

Now a Tumblr page has been created that combines Adams’ rantings and ravings on the subject with actual Dilbert cartoons. MRA Dilbert perfectly marries the drab office stylings of the Dilbert world with the mad ravings of a person who should probably not be spouting theories on gender politics and equality. There are multiple strips on the site, but a few highlights are below:


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