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Mr. Robot will boot up for a third season on USA Network

(Photo: USA Network)

In hardly surprising but still welcome news, USA Network has renewed Mr. Robot for a third season, Variety reports. Sam Esmail’s stylish drama is already halfway through its second season, which has seen Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) cruisin’ for a bruisin’. It’s been a critical and ratings hit for USA, a fact that’s not lost on the network. Chris McCumber, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment president of entertainment networks, effused over the hacktivist thriller: “We couldn’t be more proud of Mr. Robot, a series that has pushed boundaries, captured the cultural zeitgeist, and been honored as one of the best dramas on television. Midway through its second season, Mr. Robot continues to break new ground and open up new opportunities for the network.”

You might say that Mr. Robot’s six Emmy nominations all but guaranteed the show a third season, but the drama hasn’t exactly been resting on its laurels in season two. The tension’s been ratcheted up, even as Craig Robinson has joined the cast in a “jovial” but mysterious capacity. Episode six airs tomorrow night, and here’s the synopsis: “Mr. Robot and Elliot try to keep the peace. Fsociety releases a video honoring Uncle Sam. Darlene acts upon an old desire.”


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