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Mr. Robots fourth season will be its last

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Photo: Michael Parmelee (USA Network)

It’s been a weird, wild journey on Mr. Robot, the USA series that established the network as a contender in the prestige TV space. But it’s time for Sam Esmail’s tale of a troubled hacker’s reach towards revolution to unplug. Variety reports the series’ upcoming fourth season will be its last, fulfilling the prophecy foretold by co-star Christian Slater, who recently opined on the show’s coming shutdown. “Sam always said it was going to be somewhere in that zone, and he didn’t want to go further than what he could creatively contribute to that storyline,” he said.

Mr. Robot came out swinging in its first season, though the series’ big twist, as well as its scattershot second season, turned some off. It rebounded big time in its third outing, however, revealing the big, bloody heart lying beneath all the circuitry. “For all the theorizing and the intrigue, all the reddit threads delving into the significance of a restaurant menu or character name, all the political philosophizing and rabbit holes of mystery, this is a show about the need for human relationships above all else,” we wrote in our review of the third season’s finale. “It’s a grand, messy, passionate plea for placing our trust and care in the people we love, and most of all, finding that love in ourselves when it feels like the world has beaten it out of us.”

Variety notes that the fourth season will launch in 2019, meaning it will likely arrive after the release of a recently announced series of prequel comics from Esmail and Black Mask Studios.

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