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Movies bring the music, insults, in handy supercut form

Hey, supercuts! Who doesn’t love those things, right? They totally remind you of stuff without the hassle of watching more than a second or two of whatever it’s reminding you of. So efficient! As long as there’s DVD ripping software and YouTube, the Internet will never stop pumping these babies out, but some are definitely better than others, such as these two that popped up in last day or so.

First up: a video stew of performances from fictional bands from the world of film. Most are pretty obvious—Spinal Tap, The Blues Brothers, The Soggy Bottom Boys—but there are a couple of wildcards thrown in there, too (oh, hi 2Ge+her).

Obviously, there are tons missing from this (uh, hello, Alvin And The Chipmunks, anyone??), which I’m sure you’ll enumerate in the comments; but don’t worry, one of the great things about supercuts is that they can be amended with sequels. On the heels of the viral success of last year’s The 100 Greatest Movie Insults Of All Time comes the other 100 greatest movie insults of all time. It’s unclear whether that means they’re 101-200 on the list, or 1-100 in some alternate movie universe where the first 100 films don’t exist. Irregardless, fire this clip up and prepare for a trip to the burn unit, OH SNAP.

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