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MoviePass somehow still has enough money to fund Bruce Willis movies

Photo: Frederick M. Brown (Getty Images)

MoviePass, the incredible movie deal that now looks more like the “this is fine” dog, has been bleeding so much cash lately that the app that drives its entire business has been shutting down, the service has been locking out certain movies and showtimes seemingly at random, and the company has been forced to dial new users back from one movie per day to three movies per month, all in an attempt to hold off its seemingly inevitable death. Somehow, though, MoviePass parent company Helios And Matheson still has enough money to make 10 Minutes Gone, a Bruce Willis movie that will be released under the MoviePass Films banner.

That comes from Deadline, which says the Bruce Willis movie will be used to subsidize the movie ticket subscription business, meaning MoviePass is going to get traditional ticket-buyers to fund the service that allows people to avoid having to pay for traditional movie tickets. MoviePass loves to compare itself to Uber, so this would sort of be like Uber hiring Bruce Willis to drive a normal taxi and then using all of the money he makes to pay Uber drivers. It’s not totally absurd, but it is a little silly.


Anyway, 10 Minutes Gone is about a man who loses 10 minutes of memory during a botched bank heist and must figure out what went wrong while being pursued by a crime boss. Willis will play the crime boss, with Brian A. Miller directing. This will be MoviePass’ third shot at releasing a movie, following John Travolta’s Gotti and a slasher movie called The Row starring Lala Kent from Vanderpump Rules. (Gotti was famously terrible, and The Row was slightly better than you’d expect from its Vanderpump Rules connection.)

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