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Bringing us one step closer to the day when it’ll be easier to catch MoviePass in court than it is to use the subscription service to actually see a film in theaters, Variety reports tonight that yet another class-action suit has now been lodged against the company. Specifically, two subscribers—Lawrence and Laurie Weinberger, of Sea Cliff, N.Y.—have filed a suit against the company, alleging that they paid a combined $210.70 for a pair of annual subscriptions to the service in March 2018, and managed to see a whopping total of three fucking movies with it in the subsequent year.

Not for lack of trying, either: The Weinbergers allege, like many subscribers, that they tried to use their MoviePass card repeatedly, but that every time they whipped out the app, every single screening in their area was blacked out or unavailable. That’s been a recurring criticism of the service—or absence thereof—in recent months, which led to a whole different class action suit being brought against it back in November.


Don’t worry, though: The company (acquired in 2017 by Helios And Matheson Analytics, which you’d think would empathize on some level with consumers who also wish they hadn’t recently bought MoviePass) recently pledged to make things right, and get back to the basics of giving away stuff for less than they paid for it. They announced a new pricing plan just last week, knocking users back to three movies per month, raising prices in more expensive markets like cities, and offering a premium plan allowing users to opt out of those litigation-inducing blackouts.

You know, this whole thing is going to make one hell of a movie someday; it’s a shame we’re probably going to have to pay full ticket price to see it.

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