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Movieline returns

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The history of magazine publishing is littered with titles that emerged out of nowhere, became a mini-sensation, then flamed out too soon. Such was the case with Movieline, a Hollywood news/reviews/gossip rag that launched in 1989 and briefly became the movie magazine of choice among snarky cinephiles. Slicker than Film Threat and snider than Premiere, Movieline was a little like a movie-business-only version of the landmark satirical periodical Spy (only not entirely satirical). Movieline went under in 2001, but today it comes back in on-line form, under the stewardship of former Gawker hands Seth Abramovitch, S.T. VanAirsdale, Kyle Buchanan, Matt McCluskey and Julie Miller. In the inaugural post, Abramovitch promises to bring back such Movieline favorites as "Bad Movies We Love" and "Guess Who/Don't Sue," and promises also to put the Movieline archives on-line and to expand the original mission of the magazine to include more Gawker-style gossip from every wing of showbiz. As fans of the original Movieline (and some of its current stable of writers), we wish the new endeavor the best of luck.


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