Cable provider Comcast holds many viewers captive anyway, so it makes sense that it wants to carry movies on the same day they open in theaters. Apparently the idea is that people will pay $30-$50 to see movies at home on opening day. (Reuters)

The Academy has changed the rules for eligibility in the documentary feature category, according to Ain't It Cool News, effectively requiring more screenings and distribution beyond film festivals, and making it tougher for low-budget and low-cuteness documentaries to get that helpful Oscar spotlight. Good idea to try and get lesser-known documentarians' work screened in more places? Yes, except that it's not always affordable.

Warner Bros. will stop doing promo screenings in Canada, because, according to Variety, that's where most pirated versions of the studio's films come from.


Chicago rapper Common is beefing up his acting career, with two new films on the way, and, judging by this headshot on IMDB, he's ready for his close-up in the most sultry, classy way possible. Mrow!