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Packers fans, rejoice: Vince Lombardi is about to get his very own biopic. Legendary Pictures is building on the success of its Jackie Robinson/Branch Rickey movie, 42, by developing a film based around the life of the late, legendary Green Bay Packers coach. All Is Lost and Margin Call writer-director J.C. Chandor will write the script with an eye toward directing. The Lombardi estate is already on board, as is David Marinnis, author of the Lombardi biography When Pride Still Mattered. The producers of Lombardi, a recent Broadway play that starred The Wonder Years’ Dan Lauria, are also on board.


This is actually the second Lombardi movie in the works, though the other—an Eric Roth-scripted picture that Robert De Niro was set to star in—appears to have stalled out after De Niro left the project. Deadline reports that producers were once eyeing John Travolta for the lead role, something that sounds just terrible.

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