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Move over Paranormal Activity, it's time for sleepwalker TikTok

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By day, Celina Myers is an author, podcaster, and the owner of a makeup brand. By night, she’s the star of TikTok’s premier destination for watching someone sleepwalk around their home doing ridiculous shit.

This secondary career really took off after a tweet pulled from one of Myers’ TikToks went viral. In it, we see night vision footage of her marching back and forth between her kitchen and outside her front door, confusing the hell out of her dog as she embarks on a mission to excitedly throw cans of beer or soda or something onto the lawn. Capitalizing on this, and after her husband installed a bunch of cameras around the house, her entire channel basically became a bite-sized assortment of Paranormal Activity scenes—if those movies were about asking invisible guests to drink ketchup and cursing out the walls rather than ghosts dragging people down hallways.


Myers told Buzzfeed News that she’s “been a sleepwalker from a young age,” just like her brother and mom, but that stress and certain foods, like cheese and chocolate, make her nighttime excursions more likely to happen. Her first TikTok about this phenomenon involved her sleepwalking out of her hotel room and waking up naked and locked out in the process. “It’s like my hidden weird talent,” Myers says. “Like the only thing I have going for me is the fact that I can eat cheese and be weird.”

A really good example of this is a video in which Myers stands around in her pajamas, “salting the driveway” with a Baby Yoda doll until her dog barks loudly enough to wake her up.

Myers has been accused of faking her videos, but says the TikToks are “100% real,” even though she knows some of it “doesn’t look believable.” That’s the burden, we supposed, of capturing moments as perfect as someone loudly farting in an empty room, looking around in confusion, and muttering, “Who?” as they sleep.


Myers herself has been surprised by seeing how aggressive she can be when sleepwalking, considering she normally isn’t an angry or violent person. The best way to see what Myers means is to watch the clip where she tells an invisible person to “fuck off,” picks a fight with a house plant, and confronts her unseen antagonist by drunkenly slurring, “Listen up sugar tits, I’m calling the shots.”


Myers plans to keep posting the videos since, as she says, “If I can help make people laugh, I don’t mind.” And if the clips aren’t all that flattering, we’re here with a reminder that, when it comes to sleepwalking, there are far worse things to be found doing than yelling at nothing.


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