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Move over, Alison Brie: Here’s Mark Twain with a kitten, Kurt Vonnegut with a puppy, and more

Okay, Alison Brie with a kitten was pretty adorable—enough to earn tens of thousands of clicks from people who had probably had enough of election news, superstorm Sandy havoc, Kevin Clash scandals, and other misery. But it turns out there’s something better than one actor with a kitten: 15 famous authors with their pets, plus their quotes about animals, or about their pets in general. Emily Temple at Flavorwire has assembled a roundup of these pictures, including Mark Twain with a kitten; Flannery O’Conner with a pet peacock; William S. Burroughs, Ernest Hemingway, and Tennessee Williams with their cats; Dorothy Parker, Maurice Sendak, and Edith Wharton with their dogs; and more. There is no day that can’t be made just a little better via a picture like this one of a young, happy-looking Kurt Vonnegut running along the beach with a wee excited pup. Thanks, Flavorwire. Who’s a good website? You are! You’re a good widdle website!

Kurt Vonnegut & Pumpkin

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