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Mourn the end of Bored To Death by letting Jonathan Ames buy you a drink

Jilted fans of HBO’s recently canceled Bored To Death have thus far consoled themselves by wiping away their tears using torn-out pages of the Utne Reader or, more likely, looking guiltily at all the DVRed third season episodes they still haven’t gotten around to watching. (Yes, you killed it.) But if you happen to live in or around New York—the naked city that’s home to a thousand farcical private detective stories colored by delightfully erudite literary allusions—you can express your remorse in a much more self-serving way by allowing author Jonathan Ames (the real one, not the TV one) to buy you a drink. Ames took to his Twitter account last night to invite all Bored To Death mourners to join him for an impromptu wake at the Brooklyn Inn tonight at 10 p.m., where you can not only knock one back on Ames’ dime, but also hobnob with series regular John Hodgman while listening to some of Ames’ ideas for the fourth season that will never be. You can ask him how he feels about going out on an incest story—to his face! [via New York Post]


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