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Since everyone knows both sexual satisfaction and classic speed metal are awesome, it was only a matter of time before some smart entrepreneur put the two together. That’s what sex-toy company Lovehoney has done with its new line of Motörhead-themed vibrators. So dim the lights, put Orgasmatron on the turntable, and don’t worry about ruining the mood with some egg-shaped Swedish vibrator from the future, because now you can purchase a sex toy emblazoned with “Born to Lose” in block Gothic font.


The vibrators come in two types, each with a bullet and full sized version, and Lovehoney wisely chose not to plaster either with Lemmy’s mug staring up at you like you were his raised-up microphone stand. Instead, The Ace of Spades is matte black like the devil’s soul, and the Overkill is chrome like the tailpipe of the iron horse you ride straight to hell.

Lovehoney’s promotional video for the vibrators is above. But it’s much more worthwhile to head over to Lovehoney’s site to watch this product video, where a woman with an impeccable British accent extols the virtues of a Motörhead vibrator with the respectful sincerity usually reserved for showcasing religious reliquaries. The Ace of Spades leaning up against a tasteful potted plant is an especially nice touch.

It’s all lovely, but what really needs to be said about the vibrators that the song “Overkill” doesn’t say already? “On your feet you feel the beat / it goes straight to your spine / shake your head / you must be dead if it don’t make you fly.”

[h/t Dangerous Minds]


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