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Motörhead’s Lemmy and Slayer’s Tom Araya join that German silent Western

Last month, we reported on the existence of Gutterdämmerung, the self-described “loudest silent movie on Earth” that is basically a supernatural Western/fairy tale where most of the principal characters are played by huge rock stars. At the time, we knew it would feature Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, Grace Jones, and Jesse Hughes from The Eagles Of Death Metal, but director Björn Tagemose promised a handful of other people who would be joining up to play crazy cowboy angels or whatever. Now we know who two of those people are: Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead and Tom Araya from Slayer.

According to a press release, Lemmy will be playing “a crazed general” who is in charge of the “Armour Cavalry.” Araya will be “a mysterious messenger of darkness” who will be “bringing the light…with a truly primal performance.” Along with those announcements, we also have a better idea of what the movie will be about thanks to a handy synopsis of the story. Apparently, it’s set in a world where God has gotten rid of all sins by stealing an evil guitar that once belonged to the Devil. Iggy Pop’s character—an angel named Vicious—eventually gets bored and sends the guitar back to Earth, prompting the return of a whole bunch of debauchery. None of that explains what an “Armour Cavalry” is or whatever, but it’s something.


Gutterdämmerung will begin touring with a live band and narrator—it’s a silent movie, after all—later this year and into next year, and the press release also says an “Earth-shaking” trailer is on the way. Even if that also doesn’t help clarify any of the plot, at least we know it’ll be pretty fucking metal.

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