(Photo: Motorhead Facebook page)

Iconic Motörhead frontman Lemmy died last December, and though the developers of No Man’s Sky have already honored him with a virtual tribute, now he finally has a real-world monument that is appropriately metallic and (probably) very heavy. As reported by Noisey, Los Angeles’ Rainbow Bar & Grill recently unveiled a life-size bronze statue of Lemmy, recreating everything from his stylish facial hair to his trademark boots. The idea came from Katon De Pena, the singer for a thrash band called Hirax, who wanted to do something special for Lemmy at “his favorite LA haunt.”

The Noisey piece goes into all of the work that the Lemmy statue required, including getting the approval from the Rainbow’s owners (which was easy), crowdsourcing the money to pay for it, and getting feedback from Lemmy’s friends and family to make sure it looks exactly like him. Travis Moore, the artist who designed the statue, even talked to “the guy that made his boots” so he could get every detail right.