Motörhead has announced its latest non-musical venture: headphones. Frontman Lemmy, who probably can’t even fit headphones over his cowboy hat, popped into the Consumer Electronics Show this week for the launch of Motörheadphones, which come in nine different metal-themed models—six of which are in-ear, while the other three are classic can-style. The in-ear versions start at $49.99, and the more traditional headphones cost anywhere from $100 to $130. Two of the models also come equipped with a microphone remote control called the “Controlizer.”

Unlike Beats By Dre, which emphasize the bass, Motörheadphones lean more toward mid-range sounds, meaning they’re better for listening to rock music. Considering Dr. Dre raked in $100 million last year just by slinging his earphones, it was probably foolish to expect other musicians to stay out of the audio gear game much longer.