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Mother, tell your children to help Danzig make a movie out of his line of horny horror comics

Photo: Gina Wetzler (Getty Images)

For more than 20 years now, metal legend Glenn Danzig has been running a quiet little side-hustle as a comics writer, publishing books with names like Satanika, Grub Girl, and Death Dealer under his Verotik comics label. (That’s a portmanteau of “violence” and “erotic,” by the way, just in case you were worried that every single aspect of this endeavor wasn’t thoroughly on-Danzig-brand.) Full of big, monstrous dudes and scantily-clad sword-wielding ladies, Danzig’s comics are pretty clearly a passion project for the former Misfits frontman, a chance to indulge in his life-long love of comics while riffing on some thoroughly juvenile-looking Heavy Metal sorts of ideas.

Now, though, Danzig might be getting ready to get all Verotik on the movie-going world; Pitchfork reports that the goth metal rocker has signed a deal for a Verotik movie with the film-making wing of L.A. indie outfit Cleopatra Records. The movie is being pitched as an anthology, with Danzig directing, writing, and providing music for the film.


As it happens, at least one Verotik title has already gotten a film treatment, of a sort; the aforementioned Grub Girl was adapted into an 80-minute (!) porn-horror film back in 2006, complete with a heroic zombie sex worker who cheerfully bites off her abusive pimp’s dick. So we’ve got that to look forward to, we guess.

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