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Mother heroically ignores her son’s demonstrative lip-syncing

Another Car Ride With Motoki (Screenshot: YouTube)

Life is ultimately a trial. And parenthood is a trial within that trial. It takes an experience that is already difficult and grueling and makes it exponentially more so. Perhaps no one on the internet knows this better than the mother of Motoki Maxted. This woman’s son is a prolific YouTuber who frequently posts “random vlogs, skits, challenges, tags, collabs, and other shenanigans.” Doesn’t that just curdle the blood? To make matters worse, Maxted explains that “my username is Moretoki because it was to show ‘more’ aspects of my life.” Dear god in heaven, how his mother must have suffered over the years. But she has a great, effective coping method for dealing with her son’s exuberance. When things get especially bad, she just puts on a pair of dark sunglasses, adopts a stoic facial expression, and pretends that none of it is happening. Her technique can be seen in an amazing, inspirational video called “Another Car Ride With Motoki.” While Maxted sits in the passenger seat of the family car, lip-syncing in an extravagant manner to a selection of recent hits, his mother just keeps her eyes on the road and drives. Not an iota of encouragement does she give him. So tough, so brave.

Maxted’s mother must possess incredible stamina and patience, because this video goes on for four and a half minutes. It contains passages from 15 different songs, suggesting that Maxted’s choreographed performance must have gone on much, much longer. It should be noted that Maxted does not merely move his lips to match the lyrics of these songs. No, his performance is best described as a full-body possession. For 30 seconds or so, he basically becomes Meghan Trainor as she compliments herself on her own sexiness. Both Justins, Timberlake and Bieber, are represented here, as are Drake, Sia, Rihanna, and even One Direction expatriate Zayn Malik. All the while, the mother simply drives, her demeanor remaining unchanged. Only at the very end does she intervene. When Maxted starts twerking to “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony, she blocks the camera with her hand. Thank you, ma’am. Much obliged.


[via Mashable]

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