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(Most of) the Arrested Development cast is doing Inside The Actors Studio

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As announced with an Instagram video of James Lipton doing the chicken dance—raising the question of whether James Lipton has even seen a chicken—Bravo will welcome most of the Arrested Development cast and creator Mitch Hurwitz to Inside The Actors Studio on Nov. 7. There they’ll discuss their favorite moments on the show and offer more vague promises about another season and movie, all while Lipton asks ever more leading questions like, “Who was the handsomest guest star you ever had? Who would you say was the most… gentle?” Of the ensemble, only Michael Cera and David Cross are sitting out the interview, either because they are both simply too busy, or Cross wants to avoid the inevitable, awkward confrontation where he has to revisit the fact that he called Lipton the greatest ass-kiss in history.

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