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As you may have read, the sixth season of Showtime’s Dexter seeks to shake up its formula-that-begets-a-formula, which typically involves bringing in a guest star to play someone who gets too close to Michael C. Hall’s titular serial killer and then either dies by his hand or joins him, or sometimes joins him and then dies by his hand. Instead, bolstered by last year’s cavalcade of stars, this year will apparently feature several people who will probably do that—namely Tom Hanks’ non-rapping son Colin, who it’s now been confirmed will play Dexter’s main nemesis, “a highly intelligent ancient artifacts expert who is linked to a series of grisly murders.”


Also linked to a series of grisly murders—as is anyone and everyone on Dexter, whenever it hasn’t derailed into exploring Debra’s trust issues or turned into the Batista Loves LaGuerta show—will be affable rapper-actor Mos Def, who will play a “hardened ex-con who claims to have found religion yet seems to continually find himself surrounded by violence.” And at some point, Dexter will help Mos Def “reveal the truth of who he really is,” which suggests he’ll be the guy assisting Dexter in the kill room this year. Or maybe we’re just making unfair assumptions based solely on every single episode of Dexter we’ve seen so far. Hey, how about that Batista and LaGuerta? I wonder how they’ll continue to balance their professional and personal relationships?

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