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Morrissey started tweeting, released a spoken-word video about the futility of voting or something

Though Morrissey apparently joined Twitter way back in 2009, just this week he decided he’s finally got something to say in 140 characters or less. Though he’d never be caught doing anything as gauche as promoting a new release, the few new tweets do come two months before the release of World Peace Is None Of Your Business, his tenth proper solo album and first since 2009’s Years Of Refusal. The title track is available for purchase now, and its lyrics are also featured in a strange promotional video: In it, Moz is handed a briefcase by his pal Nancy Sinatra, and he proceeds to read the bluntly political lyrics. (He sings them, thankfully, on the album.) “The police will stun you with their stun guns or they’ll disable you with their tasers. That’s what governments are for,” goes one lyric, which clearly leaves out the part about maintaining roads and bridges and also hitting you in the knees with batons. The solution, though, is most certainly NOT voting. The song goes on, “Every time you vote, you support this process,” thereby vilifying not just those in power, but also your mom, who just wanted to make sure the referendum about restricting the number of lawn ornaments DID NOT pass. (Also, Morrissey rhymes “Ukraine” with “Bahrain” and “people in pain,” so there’s that.) Morrissey is in the midst of a long tour of America, which is not the world, and whose foreign and domestic policies undoubtedly sicken him to his core. Oh, and he wants you to know that you can buy the new album bundled with an autographed copy of his Autobiography. (Just don’t vote.)

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