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Morrissey’s talkin’ crazy again, because royal family, music industry, plane crashes, etc.

A new statement on his official/unofficial website True To You begins with Morrissey thanking three YouTube users for creating music videos for the title track to his new album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business. He then goes on to riff a bit on what the song is about, beating the old drum about the record business, the British monarchy, and meat. (Stop him if you think you’ve heard this one before.) Then the real trolling begins, with lines that include the Courtney Love-level “Pan Am Flight 103 differs not a jot from Malaysian Flight 17” and the blast-from-the-past “The United Nations failure to imprison Tony Blair and George W. Bush for war crimes against Iraq has told us all that there can never be enough bloodshed.” He issues a call to action that includes the non-specific items “Do not feel powerless!” and “You are intellectual sanity.” Finally, he comes back around to his new record, pointing out that no one has invited him (“worldwide!”) to appear on their television programs to discuss “or even to sing any songs from the album.” (Maybe they heard “I’m Not A Man,” Moz.) The underlying message seems to be that the world’s insanity and violence is somehow tied into the low record sales (about 14k in its first week in the U.S.) for a mediocre record by a once-great singer and lyricist who now makes more news for his outbursts than for his songs. Maybe I’m reading into it. Oh, and in continuing Morrissey news, the lawsuit brought by his supposed former bodyguard is available to peruse in full, right here.

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