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Just days after Riot Fest revealed its 2016 Chicago lineup—which includes that Original Misfits reunion you’ve either been anticipating or dreading—one of its headliners piped up to opt out of the punk proceedings. Noted English vegan and contrarian Morrissey posted on his website, True To You, on Monday to let his fans know he wasn’t in fact going to perform at Riot Fest this year. The terse message didn’t include an explanation for why exactly Riot Fest would announce that the former Smiths frontman was involved if that wasn’t the case, but we chalked it up to Morrissey being Morrissey.

The wording did leave room for speculation about the finality of the statement, as Morrissey wrote that “as of this date (May 23)” he wasn’t a part of the festival, which meant that he might have just been waiting for an even-numbered date to officially sign on. But in true Morrissey fashion, he’s already reversed himself on his decision, as Pitchfork reports that Moz has posted to True To You once more to let everyone know that as of this new, albeit still odd-numbered date, he will be headlining the festival. Riot Fest Chicago is still three months out, though, which means Morrissey could very well flip flop on his reversal, a move he might be practicing to prepare himself for a career in politics.


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