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Morrissey’s first novel will be released in England next month

As one might gather from browsing the “Morrissey” tag on The A.V. Club, most of the times we’ve written about the former Smiths frontman have been either when he says something weird or when someone says something weird about him—though it’s usually the former. However, at the risk of tempting fate a little bit, today we have an unusually straightforward Morrissey story to report on. According to fansite True To You (via Rolling Stone), Morrissey’s debut novel, List Of The Lost, will be in stores at the end of September. So far, it’s only being published in England, Ireland, Australia, India, New Zealand, and South Africa, which means we won’t be able to get it in America until a U.S. publisher picks it up or we give in to high shipping prices on Amazon.

That’s all pretty easy to follow, and it doesn’t involve Morrissey doing anything Morrissey-like, so we’ve got a good feeling about this not taking a weird turn. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the actual plot of List Of The Lost, so it could still turn into the Atlas Shrugged for people who love animals and don’t eat meat, but we can all remain blissfully unaware about any of that until he or the publisher releases some more details. Also, for the record, we’d totally read the Atlas Shrugged for people who love animals and don’t eat meat.


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