In these very Internet pages we publicly doubted the very existence of Morrissey's autobiography, and rightfully so: He announced that he was working on it years ago, then there was no news, and then all of a sudden it had been canceled due to a dispute with Penguin—only breathless days before its intended release. But now, according to official Moz fansite True To You, the once (and never-again) singer of The Smiths has mended fences with Penguin, which will release Autobiography (because what else would it be called, The Man With The Thorn In His Hide?) on October 17. (But only in Europe and the UK.) It's worth noting that the book is actually being published by Penguin Classics, the division of the company that generally sticks to canonized literature. It's not unlike the time Morrissey insisted that his solo records be released under EMI's HMV imprint, even though at that point in history HMV only released classical music. Morrissey gets what Morrissey wants, apparently (and maybe rightly so). So put in your pre-order, but don't hold your breath.