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The continuing saga of Morrissey versus his record label continues. Just last week, Morrissey claimed he’d been dropped from Harvest for making disparaging statements about the label, only to have Harvest refute his statements in Billboard, claiming it even had him under contract for a second album. Now Morrissey is refuting that refutation, saying he even has hard proof in the form of e-mails from label head Steve Barnett, telling him he’s been dropped and that “Capital-Harvest have very clearly stated that they would have no interest in licensing a second album by Morrissey.” The statement on Morrissey’s fan site, True To You, also says that he never even signed a contract with Harvest and that he has full ownership of his latest album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, which came out just three weeks ago. It concludes by saying, “Once again, Morrissey is in search of a new label.”


The A.V. Club asked Harvest Records for a statement, but its publicist declined to comment.

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