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Morrissey cancels some shows again, this time for a good reason

(Photo: Getty Images/FilmMagic, Gabriel Olsen)

Morrissey is known for being a bit particular about the shows he will or will not do. He likes things a certain way—typically as meat-free as possible—and if his standards aren’t met, then he’s more than willing to drop out of a planned performance in the most dramatic way possible. That’s just who Morrissey is, and if nobody’s managed to get him to change his wacky ways by now, he definitely never will.

So, it’s not particularly surprising that Moz has just announced that he’s canceling a handful of tour dates. What is surprising, however, is that he actually has a good reason this time that goes beyond “Morrissey being Morrissey.” As reported by Pitchfork, the keyboardist for his backing band—a guy named Gustavo Manzur—collapsed backstage before a sold-out show in Colorado, forcing Morrissey to cancel the concert entirely. Now, since Manzur is still recovering, Morrissey has canceled his next few shows as well. The affected dates are tonight’s show in Dallas, tomorrow night’s in San Antonio, and Friday’s in Houston (all of his Texas performances, in other words).


He’s still set to play Royal Oak, Cleveland, and Chicago next week, but as we’ve established, those plans could change at any moment.

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