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Morrissey announces world tour dates that are almost certainly set in stone

(Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)
(Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)

If there’s one thing in this world that you can be sure of, it’s that when Morrissey says he’s going to perform someplace, he is totally going to perform at that place. Unless he changes his mind. But then there’s always the possibility that he’ll change it back. At any rate, there’s at least a 50 percent chance that you can be sure he’ll be there. But we put up with this stuff with Morrissey because he’s Morrissey. If he takes his Morrissey and goes home, we’re never going to get another Morrissey.

So, with all that in mind, it’s probably best to take this list of “confirmed” concert dates in the U.S., Asia, and Australia—taken from the singer’s authorized fan site— as a suggestion of possible places where Morrissey could potentially be at or around certain times:

8/16—Tempodrom—Berlin, Germany

8/20—Manchester Arena—Manchester, England

9/17—Riot Fest—Chicago, IL

9/20—Palace Theatre—Louisville, KY

9/22—Tower Theater—Philadelphia, PA

9/24—Kings Theatre—Brooklyn, NY

9/28-9/29—Orchard Hall—Tokyo, Japan

10/1—Bay Hall—Yokohama, Japan

10/2—IMP Hall—Osaka, Japan

10/6—MacPherson Stadium—Hong Kong, China

10/12—Senayan Golf Driving Range—Jakarta, Indonesia

10/15—Marina Barrage—Singapore City, Singapore

10/18—Moonstar Studio—Bangkok, Thailand

10/22—Festival Hall—Melbourne, Australia

10/26—Thebarton Theatre—Adelaide, Australia

10/28—Royal Theatre—Canberra, Australia

10/29—WIN Centre—Wollongong, Australia

10/31—Civic Theatre—New Castle, Australia

11/9—Bren Events Center—Irvine, CA

11/11—Grand Theatre—Reno, NV

11/14—Boulder Theater—Boulder, CO

11/16—McFarlin Auditorium—Dallas, TX

11/17—Tobin Center—San Antonio, TX

11/19—White Oak Music Hall—Houston, TX

11/23—Abraham Chavez Theatre—El Paso, TX

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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