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Morrissey announces new album, record label

(Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Perhaps hoping to eclipse the release of other Pope Of Mope-related projects, Morrissey’s just announced a new album. The singer, activist, and alleged Smash Mouth fan will drop his 11th studio album, Low In High-School, on November 17 through BMG, which he’s also partnered with on his own label, Etienne (the French for Stephen, his first name—how very Moz of him) Records. The press release doesn’t indicate what we can expect form Low In High-School, Morrissey’s first album in three years, but the title doesn’t sound nearly as political as World Peace Is None Of Your Business. Maybe he’ll revisit his salad days as Manchester’s most sullen youth.

The former Smiths frontman seems to have had a hell of a time trying to stay on the road last year, but he’s still planning to tour behind Low In High-School, starting with a performance at the Hollywood Bowl on November 10, where concertgoers will get their first listen of tracks like “Glum Gum Under My Chair” and “Fifth Period Is For Navel-Gazing” (those are just our ideas). Tour dates will be announced at a later date, but you can warm up with a deluxe five-LP box set reissue of The Queen Is Dead on October 20.


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