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Morrissey announces a pup-up shop to benefit animal rescue in Brooklyn

Graphic: Nick Wanserski (Image: Getty Images)

So far, it looks like Morrissey’s been adhering to his world tour itinerary—he kicked things off in Berlin last month, and will be in Chicago this weekend for Riot Fest. Accordingly, Moz’s merch shop MPORIUM has been in full swing, hawking all manner of sundries to commemorate the concerts that will certainly all happen. For his trip to Brooklyn next weekend, the MPORIUM will host a “pup-up” shop in conjunction with Sugar Mutts Rescue. The 501(c)(3) organization will receive “a fee and percentage of all profits” from the sale of various T-shirts, posters, and pillowcases with pro-Morrissey and shyness sentiments. The Pope Of Mope’s official Facebook fan page posted the pop-up news yesterday:

There will also be limited-edition T-shirts for sale and 100 limited-edition bundles (numbered poster, pen, pillowcase); everyone who purchases a bundle will be entered in a drawing for a signed Morrissey poster. The Brooklyn shows are already sold out, so if you don’t already have tickets, this might be as close as you get.


Morrissey’s a well-known animal rights advocate, so it’s hardly surprising that Mr. ”Be Kind To Animals Or I’ll Kill You” would want to participate in such an event. What we did find surprising in writing this up is that there are virtually no images of the singer cuddling any puppies or dogs. We found photos of Morrissey snuggling a cat and awkwardly holding a baby, but his canine shoots must be outside of our subscription service.

[via Pitchfork]


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