Ever since their band’s dissolution (and indeed, even before that), Morrissey and Johnny Marr haven’t always agreed on much beyond the fact that they don’t want to reunite The Smiths, no matter how much money you throw at them or how many news stories end with the asinine, “Could a Smiths reunion be far behind?” But they recently got together behind one thing: their shared hatred of British prime minister David Cameron, an avowed Smiths fan whom Marr recently forbade from talking about or even listening to his band ever again. After Marr provided his spiky, chiming riff on how much Cameron sucks via Twitter, Morrissey layered in his own trademark smooth, crooning rant about how much Cameron sucks—though primarily because he hunts animals:

I would like to, if I may, offer support to Johnny Marr who has spoken out to the media this week against David Cameron," Morrissey wrote. "With fitting grimness I must report that David Cameron hunts and shoots and kills stags— apparently for pleasure. It was not for such people that either Meat Is Murder or The Queen Is Dead were recorded; in fact, they were made as a reaction against such violence."

He then went on to condemn the Royal Family for similar reasons—including Kate Middleton, who hasn’t even had her Snoop Dogg-soundtracked induction yet:

"Prince William, who has never made the faintest imprint on the English soul, is also a hunter of deer, as is his fiasco (fiancée) Kate Middleton. Although William and Kate are so dull as people that it is actually impossible to discuss them, it is worth recalling Prince Harry's thumbs-up as he sat beside a giant water buffalo, cowardly shot from a safe distance by the ignoble Prince some years back."


And hey, as long as Morrissey is taking this rare opportunity to open up about how he feels about people who don’t care about animals, why not also fell Bryan Ferry with the poisonous darts of puns?

“I apologize very deeply for my support over the years for the group Roxy Music. I had no idea until very recently that their singer Bryan Ferret is also an avid hunter, and is now managed by his Lord of the Hunt son, Odious Ferry”


Anyway, at least Morrissey and Marr are working together again. Could a Smiths reunion be far behind? [via Pitchfork]