There may still be life in This Charming Charlie yet. In a post on fan site True To You, Morrissey says heā€™s a fan of the Peanuts/Smiths mashup site, and that he ā€œhopes the strips remain.ā€ Morrissey also notes that, while This Charming Charlie said that Universal Music Group was sending it takedown notices, heā€™s represented by Warner-Chappell Publishing, meaning there would be no real reason for UMG to even care what TCC was doing. Meanwhile,Ā theĀ L.A. Times reportsĀ that UMG ā€œis no longer pursuing the matterā€ after the blogā€™s founder, Lauren LoPrete, and her attorney, Dan Booth, challenged that the siteā€™s use of Smiths lyrics fell under the definition of fair use, as LoPrete isn't making any money off the siteā€”not to mention bringing new attention to old songs.