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The newspaper business may be going the way of the dodo—not to mention magazines, TV, CDs, DVDs, and every other non-cellphone-based medium. But its lifeblood, The Associated Press, will live on to nourish a new form of content provider: Morgan Spurlock. The Super Size Me and One Direction: This Is Us director has signed a deal granting him the right to adapt anything from the AP’s vast reservoir of “broadcast, digital, and mobile content,” into some sort of programming, whether scripted or unscripted, on either the web or TV.

As the AP’s goal is to collect reporting on every subject from every part of the globe, Spurlock has essentially bought the rights to everything that has ever happened, is currently happening, or ever will happen, and he will be making an in-your-face documentary about any and all of it. Expect a forthcoming Synecdoche, New York-type project that expands to include the entirety of life on Earth. And the scope could soon be even broader than that after humans colonize Mars, as seen in this Associated Press story.

Before documenting the entirety of the news, Spurlock has a slightly less ambitious series coming to Showtime, covering the Seven Deadly Sins.


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