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Morgan Spurlock’s next documentary will be all about brains

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Jim Spellman)

Morgan Spurlock is the visionary filmmaker who discovered that eating nothing but McDonald’s is bad for you, but his next project is going to be a lot less suicidal. According to Deadline, he’s directing a film currently called Untitled Human Intelligence Project, and it will be about how “innovations in brain technology” are making “sci-fi concepts” into real things. He’ll spend a year with “pioneers” who are studying the human brain, and he’ll track developments in neuroscience that could allow “the reading and writing of neural code.” Spurlock will also look at ethical debates surrounding brain technologies, with experts discussing the implications of using crazy science tricks to cure Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, restore motor functions to paralyzed patients, and allow people to instantly learn foreign languages or telepathically communicate with each other.

In theory, making this movie won’t require Spurlock to put his life at risk the way Super Size Me did, but since he’s already proven a willingness to walk the walk for one of his films, maybe he’ll end up allowing some underground surgeon to put a computer in his brain and turn him into a cyborg. He could even call the movie Super Cy-ze Me, and the poster could be the same photo of him with french fries stuffed in his mouth, but also he’d have one of those red Terminator eyes.


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