Gimmick-based documentarian Morgan Spurlock has finally stumbled onto the ultimate trick to get people to pay attention to him, and, to a lesser extent, his movies: Giving them away.

To that end, professional supersizer Spurlock is making his latest project, the short film series We The Economy, free to the public. The plan includes a partnership with Landmark Theatres, which will be showing the film for free in 20 locations across the United States on October 17. After that, the series will be released free of charge via digital distribution.


We The Economy features 20 short films from directors like American Psycho’s Mary Harron and Anchorman’s Adam McKay working with actors like Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph. The films are focused on quickly and simply explaining the economy, the sort of simple, easy-to-understand concept that can be covered via short features. That’s opposed to Spurlock’s previous investigative focus, male grooming, which required a full-length feature documentary.