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Morgan Spurlock making his first, "Erin Brockovich-ish" narrative feature this summer

Morgan Spurlock made a huge artistic leap forward in his new Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope by not putting Morgan Spurlock in every single frame, and soon he’ll continue that stylistic evolution by branching out into narrative features. Spurlock recently spoke to /Film about the project he’s been developing since at least last year through Leonardo DiCaprio’s production shingle, telling the site that the film is now financed and ready to begin shooting this summer, and that “a really great actor” is already attached to play the lead. Spurlock didn’t offer any more details beyond that, although in previous interviews he’s referred to the story as “very Erin Brockovich-ish” and named Thank You For Smoking as an exemplar of the sort of story he’d like to tell, so it stands to reason the film will take a similar tack toward spreading a sociopolitical message and possibly feature boobs.

Spurlock also revealed that, “even more exciting,” he’s also “got a great actor attached to play his dad,” which means that the lead role in his film is male and [spoiler alert] has a dad, suggesting it will not be a movie about humans reproducing asexually via spores. Not much else is known about the documentarian’s first foray into storytelling, though hopefully he’s rewatching and heeding the lessons of Michael Moore’s Canadian Bacon.


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